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Hard Work Pays

I’d like to share with you the methods that I have, and am, using to achieve the following:

-Increase Strength and Endurance

-Decrease Body Fat

-Feel Like a Living Legend

I have experimented, using myself as the subject, with fitness and nutrition for over 4 years now and have a great deal of success while uncover a great deal of myths and misinformation about how to make the type of body that you are glad to be living in.

I realize that in the vast world of physical sports and competition there are many different people striving for very different goals. I am by no means a certified professional. I do not know everything there is about how to train for every type of situation. My goals in fitness were largely (I’d say 80%) aesthetic. My first real, personal fitness goal ever (outside of my team sports training) was to “get six-pack abs”. I applied what knowledge I learned from others and online research, I put in the work, and… That picture in black and white? That’s me. I know what it takes to make your body change the way you want it to. If you want to be proud of how you look underneath that suit or dress, then I want you to know the truth about what it’s going to take to make those changes. It isn’t easy, but there is no other peace of mind the likes of: “yeah, if a wild animal suddenly ate my clothes off right now, I bet everybody in this DMV would be checking me out.”  Have I thought this myself? Well, thought is kind of… more like wished. You can be the type of person you want to be. You can write your own legend. Let’s get LEGENDARY.